Simple and Intuitive! Various items to help you Win Prizes! Acquired prizes will be Directly Delivered to you!

What's Toreba 2D

A crane game featuring free shipping!

Start playing for free with the currently distributed celebratory 50 Play Tickets! (Can be used on the initial play of each session) For a limited time, each play will have 50% chance to activate the SUPER POWER bonus! In order to help you get the prizes you want, various power-up items are currently distributed! Plush toys, cute figures, etc... All authentic goods from Japan! With over 100 new prizes added every month, come and find prizes made for you!

Play together with Toreta, the Toreba 2D mascot, in order to win various prizes!

Toreba 2D in a nutshell

1.Simple two-buttons gameplay!
You can operate the crane by simply tapping on two buttons! Prizes end up in hard to get positions? Just reinitialize the positions as much as you want! Crane game made simple for everyone to enjoy!

2.Useful items to turn things around!
Make use of various power-up items to help you win! Boost your claw power! Shake things up! Blow up new paths! etc... Create your own opportunities and get the odds on your side!

3.No waiting lines, no input lag!
No more need to queue up! You can directly play any machine you want! Play locally on your device and enjoy a lag-free experience!

* Free Shipping is available once per week! (Offer not available for South America and Africa)
* To celebrate the release, 50 Blue Play Tickets are distributed to every users! Use this ticket and get your first play of each session for free!

・Available Languages

Android 4.0 or higher

LTE/Wi-Fi recommended

Toreba 2D Official Site:

Install APK「Toreba 2D」

1. Allow installation of apps from unknwon sources

From the Android "Settings" menu, go to the "Applications" or "Security" sub-menu and check the "Trust unkwnon sources" option.

2. Confirm agreeing to trusting apps unknown sources

Click on the OK button on the popup alert.

3. Download and install the APK

Go to the Downloads folder and tap on the apk file to install it. Alternatively tap on it from the download completed notification in the status bar.

4. Grant Toreba 2D app the requested permissions

Click on the Install button on the install popup.

5. Start the Toreba 2D App

Once the installation is finished, tap on the "Open" button to launch Toreba 2D.